Diffferent Types of Floxite Mirrors

mirrors varietyAre you ready for the luxury mirror that leads the market in reflecting beauty with the most high quality features? I found one! Floxite Mirrors, along with their Rialto division, provides mirrors with a beautifully clear reflection for applying makeup, inserting contact lenses, and performing other cosmetic tasks. But don’t take my word alone. Research by the Wall Street Journal also shows these cosmetic mirrors to be the preferred brand among competitors. Why? Floxite is set apart by their trademarked process of glass that gives their mirrors strong magnification minus any distortion.

Magnifying Strengths

Their magnifying mirrors featuring Distortion Free DFP Glass are stunning. With two sides, these mirrors offer separate magnification strengths for various beauty applications. Compared to other brand mirrors of the same type, Floxite Mirrors offers a much better selection in magnifying power combinations. Offering from 15x to 1x, the mirror options are broad enough that I was able to find just the right combination in a two-sided mirror. For applying make-up and inspecting detail, the 10x works perfectly. Then for viewing the whole face, I like the 1x on the opposite mirror head. This magnification is great for styling my hair and checking my jewelry.

Lighting Features

Another superior feature of Floxite products that I noted is lighting. Their mirrors offer excellent selections of spot or circular halo lighting. The circular lighting, surrounding the Distortion Free DFP Glass mirror, offers bright and even light that accurately reflects colors. Many of these mirrors conveniently offer variable light settings for the control of brightness levels. The mirror can be set to day for office or running day errands and then to evening light when you plan to be in more subdued environments. The soft spotlight set works well for tweezing. With the 15x magnification in combination with the spotlight setting, you’ll be able to see each hair in your eyebrow and every skin pore of your face. Hardly any beauty or cosmetic task exists that can’t be accomplished with the strong magnification and lighting provided through these beauty mirrors.

If you prefer an unlighted mirror, there are many of those from which to choose. My favorite unlighted mirror from Floxite is the Handheld 2-Sided Mirror that comes packaged with a stand. I like that this mirror can be held in my hand at an angle where I can quickly view the back of my hair in another mirror. And with its clear frame, I can move it from bath to bedroom as it matches any décor. This is a bargain at any price but this mirror is quite affordable. Several other nicely crafted mirrors without lighting are available from this maker for home or travel.

Mirror Structure and Style

High quality structure provided through Floxite Mirrors keeps customers coming back and wins many new customers. With nearly 100 years of experience to draw from, Floxite has listened closely to clients and as a result designs stylish and sturdy mirror structures. Choose from mirrors in heights spanning 15 inches to a folded 1 inch and set on a sleek modern base or a more traditional pedestal. Additionally, mirror styles provide models for vanity, wall-mounting, or travel with each featuring adjustable angles for stress-free viewing. Available finishes on individual styles range from brushed nickel, chrome, white, gloss white, clear, gray, and black.

Vanity mirrors from Floxite and Rialto please the most finicky consumer with many features that are uniquely designed for their models. You will find mirrors with flexible power sources that can use batteries or a wall adapter. Note also that some models for the vanity provide an extra electrical accessory plug on the mirror base for hair curler or other items. I also enjoy the safety feature of cool-to-the-touch mirrors in this maker’s luxury product line.

Travel Mirrors

Styles abound in selection for a travel mirror. There are lighted and those without a light. Then you’ll find some perfect for travel such as the Mirror Mate series with suction cups. Then there is the Mirror Mate that can be folded as a compact or raised for use on a vanity. One of my favorites is the Lighted Jeweled 10x/1x Compact Mirror with crystals and 360 degree bright lighting. It comes in silver, black, or pink.


There are several mirror compacts by Floxite you may want to consider that are incredibly convenient for the purse. Some of the compacts offer double mirrors inside, a mirror on the top and another on the bottom. These double mirror compacts provide different magnification on the two mirrors ranging from 10x/1x to 3x/1x. Models are available in lighted or unlighted compacts. Very convenient, also, are the compacts with a mirror inside on top and compartments below for lipstick and tweezers. The jeweled compact styles are charming and great for a gift or just to treat yourself.

Whichever style of mirror you select, with Floxite you can be certain that you are getting affordable quality. You may even decide, like I did, to get several models. Some for home, another for travel, and a spare.